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Weight Loss Clinic

Weightloss Clinic

What are the signs of an overweight dog?

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1. Is it difficult to feel his ribs or spine?
2. Is it difficult to see your dog’s waist?
3. Is his abdomen sagging?
4. Does his face look more round with larger cheeks?

Does your dog…
• Often appear tired and lazy?         • Lag behind on walks?
• Pant constantly?                          • Need help getting in the car?
• Resist playing games?                  • Bark without getting up?

Pets showing these signs may need to be put on a weight program.

If you are seeing these signs in your pet, contact Sister Cindy for an appointment. She will determine your pet’s BFI or body fat index. She will then be able to develop a tailor made program for your pet’s specific needs.

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