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An ultrasound uses sound waves to create three dimensional images of internal organs. Ultrasounds are painless and does not require anaesthesia or even sedation in most cases. The pet needs to have its hair shaved from the area to be evaluated, as hair will interfere with the images. Patients need to be starved for at least 12 hours in advance

Echocardiography: ultrasonography of the heart is a very useful part of the cardiac examination. The different chambers of the heart, valves and great blood vessels can be visualised. The flow between narrowing valves or blood vessels can be measured and compared to a normal patient. The benefit for our patients are that undetected heart problems can be diagnosed and tailor made treatment can be given to enhance their quality of life.

Pregnancy ultrasound:  pregnancy can be confirmed from 21 days after conception. Ultrasound is often used to diagnose and confirm the viability of a litter in a pregnant animal.

We perform most of our ultrasounds on our premises.

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