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Tick and Flea Products

Ticks and Fleas

When it comes to tick and flea treatment and prevention products, there are many options out there. When choosing a product, take the following into consideration:

  • Efficacy & mode of action
  • Safety (for the indicated species & other in-contact species)
  • Efficiency duration & frequency of application
  • Mode of application (& the ease thereof)
  • Target parasites (ticks vs fleas)
  • The amount & type of animals to be treated
  • Cost

Ticks and fleas can be treated with any of the following methods. Be careful to combine different products, before discussing it with your vet.

Collars are an easy way to control ticks and fleas, but it is always a risk to use in chewers and  puppies. Bayer’s Seresto collars works as contact insecticide and lasts up to eight months. It is available for cats and dogs and is proven to be safe in kittens older than 10 weeks and puppies older than 7 weeks, even if swallowed.

Top spots such as Merial’s Frontline Plus, and Zoetis’ Revolution will last for a month and will kill ticks and fleas upon a blood meal. Both products are available for dogs and cats. Remember no swimming or bathing for 3 days before and after application.

The newest line of defense against ticks and fleas is in tablet form. MSD’S Bravecto kills ticks and fleas for 3 months. The newest product from Merial is NexGard that kills ticks and fleas and last for a month. Up to date all the oral tick and flea treatments in South Africa are only registered to be used in dogs.

For puppies and kittens under 8 weeks of age, we recommend Frontline Spray.

With long lasting systemic tick and flea products such as Frontline Plus, NexGard, and Bravecto, it is important to remember that in order for ticks and fleas to die, they must first suck blood from the animal. In other words, when using these products, the ticks and fleas that you see on your pet today are not the ones that you will see tomorrow. Those are new ones!

Contact tick and flea products such as Frontline spray and Seresto Collars kill those parasites whilst climbing on the pet.

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