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Senior Wellness Program

Senior Wellness Program

Because we understand the unique “human-pet bond”, Bakenkop Animal Clinic offers a Senior Wellness Program for Dogs & Cats at a much reduced rate.

Dogs and Cats are considered senior after 7 years of age. As our pets age, they can encounter many of the same medical conditions that we as humans encounter. Some of these conditions are arthritis,diabetes and organ failure. Keep in mind that every year for your pet is equal to 5 – 7 human years. Medical conditions change more quickly as the animal ages because of the difference in years.

Recommendations for Senior Pets

  1. Annual Physical Examinations
  2. Annual Blood Work
  3. Urinalysis
  4. Faecal Examination
  5. Chest X Rays
  6. Back X Rays
  7. Hip, Knee and Elbow X Rays for arthritis
  8. Annual Vaccinations
  9. Deworming
  10. Tick and Flea Treatments
  11. Diet and exercise needs

To preserve and enhance the quality of life for senior dogs and cats, we recommend a comprehensive approach to senior wellness.

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