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Premium Nutritional Advice

Why feed a premium diet?

Pets, which are fed a premium diet will live longer and have a healthier life. Poor quality food cause many types of health issues, e.g. allergies, obesity, diabetes, cancers, etc.

The main difference between Premium food brands and the cheaper foods are the quality of the ingredients, the balance of proteins and carbohydrates, and the absence of “fillers” that add volume but no nutrition. This has an effect on the price. It boils down to “you pay for what you get”.

We stock all the important premium diets, e.g. Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Iams, Ultradog and Vets Choice.

Difference between premium diets and the normal food brands:

  • Most premium brands has many years of research and experience that goes into their products.
  • Every Premium Diet is manufactured at its own specific factory.
  • They only buy the best quality of products and test their ingredients before using and after production prior to selling.
  • The food is highly digestible, so it produces smaller, less frequent stools.
  • The premium food companies develop nutritional standards for the industry.
  • They spend millions on research to ensure the best food.
  • A large percentage of the diets have undergone double blind – evidence based studies to prove efficacy.
  • They do feeding trials to see how animals do on the diet.
  • Diets are formulated for specific age/need groups.
  • It is designed to improve health and longevity.

We are trained to advice you on the best food solution for your pet. For nutritional advice visit us at the practice.

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