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Medical Services

Our goal is to be concerned about the complete welfare of your pet!

Bakenkop Animal Clinic will always offer advanced and quality medicine to each patient. Dr Mirinda van Schoor, a specialist physician is head of our Medicine Department. We are skilled in the investigation, diagnosis and medical management of all diseases affecting the internal function of your pet’s body.

Services include:

    • Comprehensive clinical examinations
    • Vaccinations
    • Internal and External Parasite testing and control
    • Critical Care
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Dermatology examination
    • Neurological examinations
    • Endocrinology, e.g. Diabetes, Cushings, Addisons, hypo/hyper thyroidism
    • Ocular and Ear examinations
    • Gastro – intestinal examination
    • Cardiovascular examinations
    • Gynaecology examinations
    • Kidney and bladder associated examinations
    • Lameness examinations and arthritic treatment plans
    • Toxicology Problems
    • Behaviour Problems
    • Oncology: we offer a multidisciplinary approach to the best care for cancer patients
    • Kitten and Puppy Healthcare package
    • Senior Wellness examination
    • Primary Healthcare Examinations
    • Weight loss clinic

Contact Us

Tel 012 653 4474/2 and After hours 082 5511 966 Fax 012 653 4353

Address: 1 Caper avenue, Eldoraigne x 3, Centurion

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