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Export of Pets

Export of pets

We do assist clients with the export of their pets. This can be a complex procedure. You need to book an appointment with Dr Jeanetta Uys in advance.

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General Rules and regulations regarding export:

  • Every country has its own rules and regulations. We work in close relationship with Pet Wings to advice on the specific requirements.
  • Generally all international destinations require a valid rabies vaccination for travel. Valid means that the vaccination must have been given no more than one year, and no less than thirty days before the intended travel date.
  • We suggest that you check your pets vaccination certificate in good time, so as to ensure that there will be no problems when the time comes for your pet to travel.
  • It is also important for your pet’s health to keep the standard canine or feline vaccinations up to date. In addition should your pet require boarding before they travel all reputable kennels would insist that you produce a valid vaccination certificate along with a kennel cough vaccine for your dogs and a snuffle vaccine for your cat.
  • Most countries require an import permit. We will assist you in obtaining the certificate. Import permits have to be in English.
  • We recommend that you microchip your pet even if it might not be a requirement at your intended destination.
  • Certain destinations require government laboratory blood testing for various diseases. We will advise you on the specific details.
  • Your pet’s original documentation must travel with your pet, attached to its travel box.

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