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As part of our primary healthcare, we offer free dental evaluation by one of our qualified nurses. Booking is important 012 653 4474/2WEBSITE-OPSTEL_html_419ad327

About 95% of dogs and cats will need some dentistry. This means 9 out of 10 pets need dental care.
Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and dental problems can cause other health issues.

Your pet’s teeth should be examined at least once a year by a qualified veterinarian or vet nurse for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

Most dental diseases occur below the gum line, where it is not visible.  We therefore advise a thorough cleaning and examination under anaesthesia.

Dental cleaning includes scaling (to remove dental plaque and tartar) and polishing similar to the process used on your own teeth during your regular dental cleanings.

Why does dentistry require anaesthesia?

When you go to the dentist, you know that the dentist is helping you. Your dentist can give local anaesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort. Your pet does not understand the benefit of a dental procedure, and will move or bite to try and protect themselves.
Anaesthesia allows us to perform the dental procedure with less stress and pain for your pet. It also allows for better cleaning, and evaluation of dental disease below the gum line. Worldwide it is thus recommended to perform dental procedures on small animals under general anaesthesia.

As part of our services, the staff at Bakenkop Animal Clinic is trained to help you with your pet’s oral & teeth related problems

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