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Annual Examinations


Our pets age much faster than humans, and changes occur in a very short period of time.  We recommend annual wellness examinations of any pet, accompanied by yearly vaccinations. The examination and vaccination can be done at the same time.

An annual wellness examination is a routine medical examination of a patient that is apparently healthy. The focus of this examination is the maintenance of optimal health. Animals cannot tell us if they are unwell. Our staff is trained to do a proper clinical examination to detect underlying problems that is not visible.

We might recommend further testing to rule out underlying problems, e.g. faecal tests for parasites, blood screening tests for internal organ health, as well as x rays for skeletal problems.  The screening tests consist of a complete blood count, a biochemistry profile for liver and kidney function and a urinalysis.

Remember pet’s age much faster than humans. Larger breed dogs age even faster than our smaller breeds of dogs. At the age of 7 smaller breeds are middle aged and large breeds are already in the geriatric category. Book an appointment with us to get peace of mind about those underlying problems. Phone 012 653 4474/2

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