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Species we provide care for

Species we provide for

Did you know we see a variety of pets?

Our practice is dedicated to improve and maintain the health of all small animals. We offer advanced care to all our canine and feline patients.

We provide a basic care to exotic pets and birds. Dr Orsilla van der Veen is our bird and exotic vet. Please phone for an appointment with her.

Dogs & Cats

Advanced Medicine and Surgery


Although we are not bird specialists per se, we are able to offer you the following:

  • Wing / beak and nail trim
  • Treatment of internal and external parasites
  • Vitamin Injections
  • Deworming
  • Reproductive and egg laying problems
  • Nutrition and Husbandry
  • DNA Sexing
  • Respiratory & Gastro intestinal problems
  • Eyes
  • Lameness
  • Wounds
  • Behaviour problems
  • Sick and injured consultations
  • Basic surgical procedures
  • Radiography – we are equipped with a special small X Ray unit with digital viewing especially for our smaller pets
  • Euthanasia and Legacy Pet Cremation Services 

Rabbits /Guinea Pigs/ Rats


  • Nail trimming
  • Incisor trimming
  • Internal & External Parasites
  • Respiratory and Intestinal problems
  • Abscesses, Wounds and Masses
  • Ocular diseases
  • Sick and Injured consultations
  • Basic surgical procedures
  • Sterilisations

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Address: 1 Caper avenue, Eldoraigne x 3, Centurion

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