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Pet Stars of the Month December 2019 – Thaba Tshwane Pets

Follow up on our Christmas project in support of the Thaba Tshwane Outreach project.

(For those of you who do not know about this project, see some background below: )
Jane James has been running the Thaba Tshwane Project for a few years now. She has an awesome team who volunteers their time to go out to these pet’s homes weekly (sometimes more often) . They feed, wash food bowls, take their blankets home to be washed, give them shelter where possible, treat wounds, help with tick and flea treatment, deworming etc…

Jane believes that in order for you to make a difference you have to lead by example. No point in preaching, so they go out and show these families how to properly care for their pets. The only condition to receive Jane’s help, is that they have to sign a consent form allowing the team to take their pets to be sterilized.

Above are examples of their ACTS OF KINDNESS. These ladies can only do what they do with the assistance of the community.

We would like to thank each and every person who donated towards this ongoing project in December. We were not sure if we would be able to gather a 100 meals by the end of the project. To our suprise…

Number of Christmas meals gathered in total  : 232
There were also many other donations such as blankets, deworming tablets, tick and flea treatments, tinned food, pouches, toys, food bowls and also cash donations towards their vet account with us.  

Message from Jane James:
” I can not express my gratitute enough. Thank you to every person who made a donation towards our Thaba dogs. At the end of November we were so nervous, not knowing if we will have food to feed these pets by January. The donations of all the generous people helped us so much. We were blessed with a total of 487 lunch boxes over December and almost half of them came from Bakenkop alone. That is amazing. Thank you! “

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