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Pet Star of the Month- November 2019 “Garbage bag survivor pups”

One morning one of our lovely clients, Mrs Alta du Plessis phoned us in total distress. She had just rescued 5 puppies that she found in a garbage bag in other people’s garden. They were supposedly unwanted and thrown over the wall. Mrs du Plessis saw a message on a community WhatsApp group to which she responded.

When she got these poor puppies were lying in the sun dehydrated, covered in hundreds of ticks and 2 of them barely moved because they were so dehydrated.

All Mrs du Plessis wanted to do is to save these poor puppies and decided hand rear them. She just did not know where to start and what to look out for. She came to our Clinic where she spoke to Sister Cindy for advice. She left our Clinic with some puppy milk, feeding bottles, tick and flea treatment and loads of advice on what to look out for and when to be worried. She also knew that she could phone us at any time.

These pups definitely had the will to survive. Even the weaker puppies latched onto the bottle and consumed milk like little champions. Only after their first feeding and spending some time with them, Mrs du Plessis realised just how many ticks these puppies had on them. She found over 160 small little ticks on them. It is always very difficult to treat puppies with some parasite control as you have to be very careful with the amounts and route of application when it comes to especially such tiny and young patients.

We want to specially thank Trudie Coetzee from the Merial customer Care line for her telephonic assistance to Mrs du Plessis to give her the best advice on how to treat these puppies whilst keeping them as safe as possible.  

On the other very serious note. The SPCA went out to deal with the situation where the pups were found and Mrs du Plessis got full custody of the pups as she could prove that she literally saved them and gave them a safe haven.

Every time Mrs du Plessis and family came to buy more milk, deworming or just came for advice, we could not believe how well these puppies were growing. It was obvious that the du Plessis household had hearts of gold and their eyes sparked when they spoke about these pups, who each had a unique little nickname.  

After 6 weeks of waking up repeatedly during the night having to feed, stimulated urination and defecation in them and planning their whole schedule around these pups’ and their routine it was time to start looking for loving homes. We are very pleased to say that they managed to find all 5 puppies loving homes!

 Although they were very sad to say goodbye, they know they are in good hands and will receive the love and care they deserve. And they will still be able to follow up on these pups. We cannot wait to see what they look like in a few months’ time.

Mrs Alta du Plessis we take our hats off to you and your family. Thank you for responding to that community WhatsApp message and most importantly thank you for becoming a part of the solution in a society full of problems. It takes a special type person to be willing to spend money, time and effort on a problem that was not yours. Rescues and vets are being flooded with pleads for help and already overflowing. Although you did not know exactly what to expect, you went out of your comfort zone, asked for advice and made serious sacrifices.  You managed to save ALL 5 puppies. These 5 pups’ footprints will forever be embedded in our hearts just as they are in yours.

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