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Pet Star of the month May 2019- Ollie Maass

Meet Ollie, the adorable Africanis cross breed puppy that went from a wondering township dog to a loving member of the Maass family in a matter of no time.
Mr Simon Maass is in construction and is currently working on a project at a site close to the Olievenhoutbosch area. About 2 months ago this adorable but scared little stray dog started exploring the building site. He seemed very relieved to find people in the area but was very cautious with coming too close and just viewed them and all situations from a safe distance.

When Simon saw this lost little dog, his heart immediately melted. He called him, with the hopes of winning his trust. Although he seemed very scared, he ran towards Simon, very eager to be loved. It was at that moment that Simon decided he needed a name. He named him “Ollie”, giving some recognition to the Olievenhoutbosch township that Simon suspects he came from.

And there it started, he was no longer “some stray dog” but Ollie now had a name and it felt like he was sent there for a reason. They had an instant connection!

Simon did not know if Ollie had a home and gave it some time to see if Ollie would keep returning. Every morning when Simon got to work, Ollie would be sleeping on his parking spot, waiting for him to get to work and very excited to see him.

They became best friends. Ollie drove around with Simon in his bakkie on site and loved to play in the sand. Simon made sure he had food and water and made the decision to permanently make Ollie his responsibility. Ollie went home with Simon and will never sleep cold or hungry again.

We feel very privileged that Ollie also became a member of the Bakenkop family. Simon brought him for a check-up as he struggled with some skin problems. Ollie is currently on medication. We were all amazed at how well behaved he is and how sweet his personality is. You just cannot help but instantly fall in love with this sweet boy.
We think Ollie realises how lucky he is to have an owner now. Not only someone that can dedicate time towards him to wash him with special shampoo and give his medication but also someone that can provide food and shelter for him in a loving and caring home. Ollie we can’t wait to see you again.

Hearing stories like this just reminds us that there are many helpless pets out there, in desperate need of some food, love, shelter etc.
We would like to thank Simon for this kind gesture of giving Ollie a second chance in life. We can see in his eyes that he is so grateful and will forever be his most loyal and best friend.

We understand that not everyone can adopt a stray pet but you can also make a BIG difference by:
• Microchipping your pets
• Sterilizing your pets
• Keeping your yard safe so your pets can’t wonder or get lost
• Making a donation at a shelter
• Donating your time at a shelter

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