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Pet Star of the Month March 2020 – Courage

“Courage is fear holding on a little longer”

Meet “Courage”, an approximately 6 year old Basset mix stray. This loving dog was found on the dumping site close to the R55 by 2 gentlemen from the Scorpion security company. It appeared as if he had been abandoned. He was lying in the sun, possibly for days and was unable to walk.  

The two gentlemen, Ricardo and Jadan were very concerned about him and immediately brought him to our hospital. They also made a donation towards his medical treatment.

Dr Megan examined him upon arrival. He was dehydrated but so thankful to have been found that he could not stop wagging his tail. Unfortunately he was unable to fully extend his hind legs or walk at all but he found a way to drag himself by his front legs. This is why we named him Courage.

He spent the night on a drip and was monitored 24/7 throughout the night by our night nurse, Sister Aniceta and after-hours’ veterinarian, Dr Roy on duty. By the following day his appetite increased tremendously and it was clear that he was already feeling much better! His tail still wagged every time we gave him attention. 

Radiographs confirmed that his back legs had been fractured some time ago. We suspect that he went through a traumatic incident and did not get the medical attention needed at that time to assist the recovery without complications.

The fractured leg healed with callus formation (bony growths) which led the muscles to contract permanently leading to his hind limbs being in a permantly flexed position. Surgery is not an option because of the chronicity of the damage in the joints.

His quality of life is not sustainable long-term, since trying to move is causing him to get pressure sores and pain and it is not fair to not be able to run or play like other dogs. He developed pressure sores from dragging himself around. 

Dr Kristina took him to the well-known physiotherapist, Heather Withfield to establish whether therapy would be an option. They decided to give this doggy a 2nd chance by doing daily physio session on him to see if his muscles could get stronger and more flexible so he can have an acceptable quality of life again. We are treating him for pain and started him on Hill’s j/d joint diet to assist his recovery in every way possible.

We would like to thank Hill’s Pet Nutrition for sponsoring a bag of joint diet as well as Heather and her team at Pawsative Pawsabilities for all the sessions they have put in so far to try and help Courage.

He is touching hearts everywhere he goes. If you would like to contribute towards Courage’s treatment, we have a separate fund for him. You can email for banking details and please use the reference “Courage” when making a donation. Every R100 will make a big difference towards his treatment received.

We will be reassessing his mobility after 3 weeks of intensive treatment to decide on the best option for him. We sincerely hope to have a happy ending for this loving dog.

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