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Pet Star of the month – “Little lamb” Green

Last Friday afternoon, we received a phone call from a very worried client, Mr Green. His sheep went into labour and the little lamb had been stuck for a few hours already. Mr Green phoned around and struggled to find a clinic in the area able to assist.

Although we are a Small Animal Clinic and we do not have all the medicine and equipment to work with production animals, we told Mr Green that we are willing to try and assist him as it was his last resort. We knew that if the little lamb was stuck for too long, it becomes dangerous for the lamb and the mother as the risk for complications gets more as time passes.
Mr Green was desperate for veterinary assistance and brought her in straight away, where two of our very capable animal handlers assisted him to take the ewe to our examination room.

Dr Johan Jordaan, who has some experience with production animals, immediately evaluated the distressed ewe. Dr Orsilla gave the ewe an epidural and an injection to facilitate further contractions whilst Dr Johan assisted her with the birthing process. He correctly positioned the lambs’ legs and by applying enough lubrication, he was able to pull the lamb from the mother’s womb. After a few intense minutes of sweating and stressing, the lamb was out and alive. It was a moment of pure joy in the Clinic. Dr Orsilla quickly examined the little lamb and tied off the umbilical cord. Other than some swelling around the neck from being stuck for a few hours, the lamb sustained no serious injuries and was already standing and looking for her mother.

Sister Cindy put the mother on a drip (to help her cope with the shock she had been through) and the nurses assisted the little lamb with nursing from the mother.

Initially, the lamb struggled to latch as the mother could not stand up immediately after the birth. Her legs were still numb from lying down for a while and the epidural she received moments earlier. Sister Lizel milked the ewe and we were able to get the lamb to drink the much needed colostrum from a bottle.

As soon as she could stand, we took them outside where the mother and baby were able to bond and we witnessed the most heart-warming and beautiful moment where the lamb properly latched onto the mother’s teat and was able to nurse for the first time with a fast paced wagging tail.
We are so relieved that the little lamb made it out alive. We spoke to Mr Green yesterday and he confirmed that the little lamb is healthy and doing very well.

Ps: Please note that we are strictly a small animal clinic and advise consulting a production animal veterinarian for any related queries.

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