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Pet Star of the month June 2019 – Leroy Krige

Meet Leroy, the 3 month old Great Dane puppy and much loved furry family member of the Krige household.

Leroy was brought for a consultation with Dr Soné last Thursday. His owners were very worried after they found him chewing on a box of staples. They suspected that he had swallowed quite a big portion of the staples as some of them were missing.

Dr Soné suggested that radiographs be taken and there it was; A whole lot of staples all bundled together could clearly be seen in the stomach.

Dr Kristina Lutz, our head surgeon got called out and an emergency Gastrotomy had to be performed to remove all the staples. Leroy was in theatre for about 45 minutes. A repeat radiograph was taken after the surgery to confirm that all the foreign objects had been removed. Dr Kristina even found a small piece of a PC board together with food particles inside of Leroy’s stomach.


Luckily Leroy’s owners were very observant and brought him in as soon as they realised he had swallowed the staples as it could have caused damage to his intestinal or stomach walls. It could easily have perforated the stomach or intestines and caused seepage of intestinal fluid into his peritoneum. This could lead to Peritonitis (inflammation of the inner lining of the abdomen) and even death.


Leroy was kept in our hospital for 48 hours post-surgery for observation. He was monitored throughout the night by Sister Molly that was on night shift and during the day Dr Kristina and the day nurses kept a close eye on him. He fully recovered from the anaesthesia within a few hours. The next day he was back to a playful busy puppy again. We started feeding him small meals frequently to give his gut a chance to heal. Leroy did not vomit, had no pain or discomfort.

Leroy was sent home on Saturday morning with some medication and an intestinal support diet. On Monday his owners confirmed that he was doing well. He was full of energy, eating well and already sniffing around to find something new to chew on.

With Leroy’s story we would like to warn all pet owners that pets can be very curious at times. Pets explore with their feet and mouths. Chewing and swallowing objects is their way of exploring. If possible try to keep ALL things that they can swallow out of reach. Especially when they are young.

Accidents happen quickly so if your pet presents with any of the following symptoms:

  • Not eating
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting & pale gums
  • Painful abdomen

we advise you to bring them in immediately.



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