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Pet Star of the Month January 2020 – Tayla Herbst

Remember Hope, the rescue kitten who stole the hearts of the whole Bakenkop team and some of our Clients?

In December this kitten was found on the streets. She was terrified and ran away from the community members who tried to pick her up. She ran into a nearby municipal water pump substation which they did not have access too. A community member phoned CERT emergency services for their assistance. They arrived soon after and with the help of a municipal worker, they managed to catch her. She was terrified and she had some very bad wounds on her legs and neck.

The good Samaritans who found her, also clients of ours, rushed her to us for medical attention. On closer inspection and full examination it was found that she had a snare wire stuck around her neck and leg. The wire was removed immediately, she was placed on a drip and received some pain medication, antibiotics and a big bowl of soft food. She ate as if she had not eaten for days.

After spending a night on a drip, Dr Kristina Lutz examined the leg and the wounds around the neck again. Unfortunately the wire had caused too much damage. The blood flow to this limb had completely been cut off by the wire and the leg was infected. There were also large open wounds on both sides of the neck. Despite the severity of her injuries, we knew she deserved a second chance in life.

After careful consideration, it was decided to amputate the leg. Not only because the limb had no more feeling but also to prevent further spread of the infection in the leg.

The operation was done the same day without any complications. The wounds around the neck are also closed with sutures. This little black cat has so much fighting spirit in her! She already stole the hearts of all the Bakenkop personnel. So much so that our stock Manager at the clinic decided to give her a loving home. She was then renamed Tayla, which means strong and beautiful.

After another week in hospital, where she became more like a Bakenkop family member, she went to her new loving home. She got to meet her feline family members too. At first, they were a bit shy of each other but they quickly got used to the “new normal”. They play with each other when no-one else is watching.

Today it is just over a month after the operation and we are happy to report that Tayla has picked up some weight as she still LOVES eating, she has adjusted in her new home and she is coping nicely with only 3 legs.

We would like to give a big shout out to the CERT team for assisting the community by saving this lovely cat from the street and the Uitzingers’ for making a generous donation towards our stray fund, helping us with her medical expenses. We know that she will receive the best love and care from the Herbst family.

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