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Pet Star of the month – Bentley van Wyngard

Meet Bentley, the 7 year old jack Russel and much loved furry family member of the van Wyngard family.

Bentley definitely deserves to be crowned as our June Pet Star of the month as he fought hard to still be with us today.

On the 5th of June, Bentley and his furry sister, Bella (German Shepard) were rushed to our hospital as they had been poisoned. Shortly after their arrival, another dog from the same street came in. Unfortunately Bella and the other dog did not survive the incident and passed away on the same day. Bentley was still unconscious at that stage.

He received intensive treatment at our hospital for over a week where he was placed on a drip, needed to be fed through a nasogastric tube, he needed oxygen therapy, thermoregulation, monitoring of his organ function etc. The whole team at our hospital got attached to this little guy and we kept him in our prayers at night.

Bentley improved a little bit every day and by night 7 he was sent home, eating and wagging his tail. We were so happy we all jumped with joy.

Sadly 6 days after that he was re-admitted to our hospital with some complications and needed to be on a drip again for the weekend.

About a week after being discharged the second time, he went for a little walk in the neighbourhood with his mommy and they were attacked by a Pitbull who came out of his yard. Bentley’s mom needed to be admitted for bite wounds and sutures. Bentley was only grabbed by the collar and didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

June was a tragic month for the family. Having 3 hospital admissions between them and they lost a beloved pet. It was obvious that Bentley missed having a friend so this week they welcomed Bailey, a Jack Russel puppy into their home to keep Bentley on his toes. After all this, Mrs van Wyngard took out pet Medical Insurance for both Bentley and Bailey. She mentioned that accidents happens so quickly and not being prepared for it does make all the trauma so much worse. 

Van Wyngard family, we are so terribly sorry for all the heart-ache you had to go through this past month. We admire you for your resilience and for giving Bentley a second chance in life.

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