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Pet Star of the month – August 2019 (Levi D’Arcy)

Meet Levi, a 7 month old boerboel puppy and a much loved member of the D’Archy family. This sweet pup has faced some life-threatening and exhausting challenges in his short little life. Yet, he still has a happy and sparkly personality and loves coming to our Clinic. For this reason, we chose him to be a Bakenkop Pet Star.

Here is Levi’s story:

Levi’s owners bought him from a breeder in April this year. He fitted right in and immediately felt like he had been a part of the household for years. A few days after arriving at his new home, Levi got sick. He was lethargic, didn’t want to eat and started with diarrhoea. That was the first time he came to our Clinic. Levi was diagnosed with the dreaded Parvo Virus (Katgriep) and had to be admitted for intensive treatment.

Levi spent almost 2 weeks in hospital with us. He was very weak, but with 24 hour medical care from our team and daily visits from his new loving family, he managed to pull through and he became a Parvo survivor! He was happy and healthy and could go home.

We love seeing our patients for follow up’s. We saw Levi when he came back to be vaccinated and microchipped. What happy visits those were.

 But sadly, the 3rd visit after being discharged was not a happy one. Levi got hurt and needed to be admitted, again. The family suspected that Levi’s “brother” (Great Dane) accidentally fell on him. He was admitted for X-rays and pain management. It was confirmed that Levi had a broken left hind femur and multiple hernia’s that needed to be fixed urgently.

Levi spent another 5 days in hospital where he got operated twice by our Specialist surgeon, Dr Bruce with the assistance of Dr Kristina. The hernias had to be repaired and his leg needed special external pins to repair the fracture. Levi had to be kept still and come in weekly for bandage changes and check-ups over a period of 2 months. He also had to wear a buster collar around his neck during this time to prevent him from fiddling with the pins sticking out of the leg.

On the 10th of July 2019, Levi came for his final leg follow up. The X-rays revealed that his femur had fully healed and the pins could be removed. He was put under anaesthesia and the pins were removed.

Today, Levi can run and play normally again and without a plastic collar around his neck.

M’arcy family, we salute you for doing all you can to give Levi the best possible life even when it started with so many challenges. You strictly followed our advice and still take such good care of him. Levi is one of the luckiest dogs out there to have found a family that loves and cares for him as much as you do. In the course of the last 5 months, Levi also become a big part of the Bakenkop family. There is no staff member that is not excited to see Levi when he visits.

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