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Parvo virus is on the increase. Please vaccinate your dogs

One of the most dangerous infectious diseases dogs are exposed to is the Parvo virus, more commonly known as “katgriep” or “cat flu”.

The symptoms include :
* severe vomiting
* diarrhoea
* lack of appetite
* fever
* weight-loss
*dehydration and
can eventually result in death.

Although the majority of pet owners are aware of this virus and fears it, the number of dogs and puppies in our area that succumb to this disease is shockingly high.

There is a significant increase in Parvo cases with the changing of seasons and the start of the rainy season. According to our practice statistics 27 Parvo snap tests were already performed in the past month. Unfortunately almost 90% of those tests were positive.

There are a variety of risk factors that can increase a dog’s susceptibility to the disease, but mainly, the virus is transmitted either by direct contact with an infected dog, or indirectly, by the faecal-oral route. Heavy concentrations of the virus are found in an infected dog’s stool, so when a healthy dog sniffs an infected dog’s stool, it will contract the disease. The virus can also be brought into a dog’s environment by way of shoes that have come into contact with infected faeces. There is evidence that the virus can live in ground soil for up to a year. It is resistant to most cleaning products, or even to weather changes.

The number of Parvo patients is increasing at an alarming rate every day. This devastating and sometimes fatal disease mostly affects puppies but can also affect adult dogs. The parvo virus will keep spreading because of the number of dogs missing their full vaccination schedule. When buying a new puppy, some owners assume that the puppy is fully vaccinated which is impossible if the puppy is only a few weeks old.

This is the vaccination schedule that we recommend for dogs:
1st vaccination: 6 weeks @ R400
2nd vaccination: 9 weeks @ R400
3rd vaccination including Rabies: 12 weeks R440
4th vaccination including Rabies booster: 16 weeks @ R440
We recommend an annual booster @ R440 to keep your dog’s vaccination status up to date

If you just bought a puppy, it will still need vaccination boosters every 3-4 weeks. When you strictly keep to the vaccination schedule, your puppy will only be fully protected after the completion of the boosters at the age of 4-5 months. Please keep this in mind.

We call on all pet owners to check their pets’ vaccination cards and bring them to be vaccinated if they are not up to date. Yes, your puppy’s vaccinations will cost you R1680 over 4 months, but the cost of intensive parvo virus treatment can go up to R15000 or more depending on the dog’s size and amount of days spent in hospital. We want to warn all owners that this disease is spreading and it is spreading really FAST!

If you are unsure whether your pet need another booster, feel free to phone us.

Please help us by spreading the word so we can protect our pets.

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