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How to brush your dog’s teeth

Start as young as possible so your pet will become accustomed to the brushing process early on in his/her life.

  • Use a special pet toothbrush with soft bristles. We have easy to use finger brushes available at our Clinic.
  • Do NOT use human toothpaste as it contains fluoride that can be toxic to dogs, instead get a pet toothpaste with a flavour that your pet might actually enjoy.
  • Start by introducing your pet to the toothpaste, allowing him to lick it first to get used to the taste.
  • Once your pet is happy to accept the toothpaste. You can brush their teeth. If the brushing is new to your pet, try these steps below to get him/her accustomed to it:
  • Start by gently playing with their lips.
  • Once they are comfortable with this, proceed to tickling them in the mouth (not yet with the brush – only use your fingers).
  • Then apply the pet toothpaste to your finger, let them lick it off.
  • After they accept that step, you can make brushing movements with your finger. Let them get used to licking the toothpaste off the bristles of the toothbrush.
  • Start to play with the brush inside their mouth.
  • Then for the final step – brush the teeth gently.
  • Try to also get to the molar (back) teeth as they tend to accumulate lots of tartar that will cause damage.
  • Be patient. These steps above can happen over the course of a few days / weeks. Do not rush it and remember to reward your pet with some playtime / walk to positively reinforce the brushing activity.

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