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Determining your pet’s ideal body weight

Determining and maintaining your pet’s ideal body weight can be changeling especially if you do not know what they should weight.

There are guidelines of expected ideal weights available everywhere, that are worked out according to pet breeds. Please note that these are merely GUIDELINES. It is almost the same to state that all 30 year old females should weigh the same. A person should take into consideration that some pets (even of the same breed) have longer legs than others and some have a broader chest or shoulders than others. This makes their ideal weight different.

One pet’s ideal weight could be another pet’s “overweight” weight…

So how do we determine if a pet is overweight?

We use a simple technique at the Clinic called BODY CONDITION SCORE

The main things we look out for to see if a pet is overweight is:

  • Can you see a visible waistline?
  • Can you EASILY feel your pet’s ribs? If you think you can feel the ribs, then your pet is still overweight.
  • Are there visible fat deposits?

If you are unsure whether your pet is overweight/ underweight and you need help choosing the perfect diet or working out how much to feed them, please let us help you. Make an appointment for a FREE weight check with Sr Cindy today.

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