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Chloei Bredenkamp

Good morning All,


May I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Bakenkop who assisted Chloei when she fell late last week.


When we came in Chloei was taken in immediately by the front desk – no time was wasted with a please wait approach. The reaction was quick and professional as I was able to give details of what happenned on the run so to speak. I give bakenkop 10/10 for the great assistance from the get go!


The assistance received thereafter was also top notch. The Dr who saw chloei was great. Asked the right questions and somehow managed to make us feel that everything will be fine. Thanks!


After admission we were continuously kept up to speed by the Drs re Chloei’s progress. I never got the idea that quess work was being done. When we visited we were very impressed with the “intensive care”, not just Chloei, but all the other patients were receiving. The Dr also took the time to give us an update despite being busy with what we can only imagine to be a plethora of other tasks. Impressive!


It’s been 1 night since Chloei’s release and so far so good. She is eating and growling at her 5 other brothers and sisters, which is normal.


In summary: thank you, thank you Bakenkop.


Bredenkamp Familie


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