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Pet Star of the Month January 2019 – Patches Wentworth

Meet Patches, the 7 month old adorable Basset pup and very much loved member of the Wentworth family.
The Wentworth family did know that puppies (especially basset puppies) love to chew and swallow foreign objects. Keeping this in mind, they bought Patches many toys to keep him busy and entertained. Only toys that they pre-checked and approved as safe enough not to be swallowed.

One morning Patches did not want to eat his breakfast, which was very unlike him. He became a bit lethargic and later started to vomit. His owners were very concerned and took him to a nearby veterinary clinic in Centurion. The veterinarian took abdominal X-rays and found a foreign body obstruction in his intestines. It appeared to be a rock.

The Veterinary Clinic referred Patches to our Hospital for an emergency exploratory laparotomy (surgical incision into the abdominal cavity) to remove the foreign body that was blocking the intestines.

Dr Kristina Lutz together with two of our qualified veterinary nurses went into theatre with Patches straight away. Sister Akhira monitored Patches’ anaesthesia throughout the whole operation (making sure that his heart rate, blood pressure and breathing was normal) while Sister Jeani assisted Dr Lutz with the operation. As seen on the X-ray, a very big rock was found in the small intestine. It had bruised and started damaging the intestinal wall. If the rock was not removed surgically, it could have caused the intestines to rupture into the peritoneal cavity causing infection, sepsis and most probably resulting in Patches’ untimely death.

The rock was successfully removed and Patches spent two nights in our hospital where our doctors together with our day and night nurses closely monitored Patches 24 hours a day. We made sure that when he went home his pain was under control, he did not vomit and he ate on his own again.


Although the family took all the necessary precautions to avoid a foreign body, Patches still decided to find a rock and swallow it. We know that it is in his inquisitive nature to want to explore and we understand that an accident like this can happen so quickly. Unfortunately we can try protect our pets but we cannot always keep them safe from harm. With this being said we are very proud of Patches to have gone through such major surgery so early in his life.

We sincerely hope that Patches will be more careful of what he plays with and chews on. Thank you to the Wentworth family for allowing us to help Patches and for being such good pet owners.

We hope that this story will warn other pet owners of how easily a pet can have a foreign body (this includes bones, sosatie sticks, toothpicks, toys, blankets, towels, underwear etc.) We also strongly advise all pet owners to look at a Medical Insurance plan for example Medipet ( This will come in handy when something unexpected like this happens to your pet.

Dental disease, what you need to know!

EWWW. What’s that smell?

Have you ever been greeted by your furry friend and thought “what’s that disgusting smell?”  Your pets breath may not be sweet or minty but it shouldn’t make you want to flee the room.  Just like in people bad breath (halitosis) is a sign of dental disease.  Take a moment to lift your pet’s lips and take a look at ….


The gums should be pink and shiny and flat against the teeth. Gums that are red and swollen or even bleed when touched indicate a gum infection (gingivitis) and are also the first sign of periodontal disease.  As the condition worsens the gums will recede from the tooth and eventually the teeth will loosen and fall out. This condition is common in cats and dogs AND IT IS PAINFUL!

This is normal cat and dog gums

Cat normal Gums Dog normal gums

Painful gingivitis in cats and dogs

Gingivitis in cats Gingivitis in dogs


The teeth should be white and clean and NOT broken or cracked. Just like people pets accumulate tartar (brown/ yellow buildup on teeth) which is mineralized plaque. This tartar is irritating to the gums and causes gingivitis.  If the tartar is not removed it builds up under the gum line where bacteria grow and cause the teeth to loosen from the bone. The bacteria harboured here can enter the blood stream and cause infections elsewhere in the body.

Tartar build up on canine tooth

Tartar build on Canine tooth


The take home message of dental care is PREVENTION.   Once tartar is present it cannot be removed by any means except a cleaning under general anaesthesia. At Bakenkop animal clinic we have an ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher, as well as a dental X-ray machine to evaluate tooth roots. August is our clinics dental awareness month. Please bring your pet in for a FREE assessment and a quote for your pet’s dental procedure. Our friendly veterinarians will be happy to discuss your oral health concerns.

before and after pictures

New puppies and kittens – Part 3 of 3

Dogs_in_cageNobody will dispute the cuteness of puppies or kittens. These adorable little creatures really pull at the heart strings and appeal to young and old. However spending some time in a puppy or kitten shelter and seeing what undernourished or uncared for puppies or kittens look like, will make anyone who is serious about the well being of animals think twice about indiscriminate breeding. Continue reading

Battle of the Bulge

FatCatObesityMost people, at some point in time, struggle to shed some extra weight. Obesity in humans has reached epidemic proportions and in a study released two years ago, South Africans were classified as the third fattest people on earth. Worse than this, is the fact that obesity in pets is following this trend and fast becoming a disease on its own. Some studies show that more than 50 % of pets are overweight. This alarming figure effectively means we are “killing out pets with kindness.” Obesity is defined as an accumulation of excessive amounts of body fat. Body fat increases when the amount of energy taken in (by eating food) exceeds the amount of energy used (by exercising). Vets classify a pet as obese if the animal weighs more than 15 to 20 % of his/her ideal body weight.  Body Mass Index or BMI which is commonly used in humans to define obesity, is not commonly used in animals, because there is such huge variation between and within different breeds. In animals a Body Condition Score or BCS is referred to in terms of the animal’s ideal weight. Continue reading

Aan wie dit mag aan gaan

Aan wie dit mag aan gaan
Ons het ons kat Billy ‘n tyd terug by julle gehad om ‘n abses agter sy oor te laat dreineer.
Ek en my vrou wil net vir julle baie dankie se vir julle ongelooflike diens. Ons kon sien dat julle ‘n passie het vir wat julle doen en julle’s uiters professioneel.
Ek’s bly om te se hy is weer 100% sy stoute self en het gelukkig nog nie weer in ‘n bakleiery gekom( waarvan ons weet nie!).
Julle’s great, baie dankie.
Jacques en Lynne Broodryk


3.I came to see you because I was so sick.
4.You were so passionate / caring / so gentle with me that I don’t mind coming for my follow – up treatment.
5.The ladies at reception were so helpful with my DADDY who was so worried about me.
6.I will certainly tell all my little friends too come and see you when they are not well.
7.I would like to wish you all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.
8.My DADDY had to send my message as I am not computer literate yet.

Dear Dr Lutz and all who assisted Skywalker

Dear Dr Lutz and all who assisted Skywalker

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you who helped look after Skywalker during his brief stay with you on Tuesday.

Skywalker has been coming to you since he was just six weeks old. His first major trauma being taken care of when he fractured his neck vertebrae before he was even two years old – Dr Armer was the one to pull him through that one, and I’m still extremely grateful to her for that.

He’s now approaching 14 years old, so he knows most of you quite well. In all those years, I’ve never once felt any of you were “just doing your job”. You have always shown genuine concern for his wellbeing, and done your utmost to re-assure myself that he will always be well taken care of.

Bearing all of this in mind, you all clearly understand what us “parents” go through when our pets go under the knife and your understanding and kind words helps us get through it all a little easier. We all say thank you when we leave with our healthy best friends, but I would like all of you to know your efforts are most definitely appreciated.

Skywalker has no clue he is taking his medication and is doing well.

May the Force be with you…

Kind regards,
Glen Heapy
Managing Director

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Die siekte het my liggaampie sy huis gemaak

Die siekte het my liggaampie sy huis gemaak
In my kom woon
My elke dag aangeval
Ek voel goor
Weet nie hoekom nie
Bang en alleen
Soms is daar vreemde mense om my
Soms kom my mense kuier
Pype word deel van my bestaan
Sien die bekommernis in hulle oë
Hartseer en trane
Ek sien uit na die tye wat ons kan kuier
Tog het hulle nie opgegee nie
Gebede het my omsluit
My gedra
Tesame met geloof, hoop en liefde
Veg ons daagliks
Met tye gaan dit beter
En dan…bereik ek ‘n laagtepunt
Wat nou?
Die vrees en onsekerheid oorval my
Maar hulle hou moed
En veg aan my sy
Hulle dra my
En tesame het on Parvo oorleef
Dankie aan Bakenkop Dierekliniek
Vir al die liefde, ondersteuning
En dat julle nooit opgegee het nie.
Liefde, Sparky

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