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It is a privilege for us to assist our clients and their beloved pets.

Awesome Dr

From: Somei Manning
Sent: Friday, 24 July 2020 09:27
To: Bakenkop Admin <>; Accounts <>
Subject: ATT : Dr Jeanetta Uys *Chicco Update and feedback*

Good day Dr Jeanetta Uys,

We visited you on 21st July 2020 Tuesday evening with our baby Chicco (Miniature Doberman).

You did a full examination and provided us with some medication to give to him.

You tried to call yesterday but unfortunately we missed the call but we did listen to the voicemail.

Firstly we would like to give you an update on Chicco as requested.

Chicco is now on the third day of his cortisone and he is so much better and much more himself, his normal happy attitude is back 🙂  we do believe you took the right course of treatment.

Secondly we would like to thank you, it really isn’t  everyday that a doctor phones back to make sure your Animals are still good and to follow up, for us, our dogs are our children and the service we have received from you with the follow up call we can say is excellent and highly appreciated.

Thank you for choosing the career you did, it is moments like this that we are truly grateful for a Dr like yourself.

Kindest Regards,

Michaela & Somei Manning

Customer Service

From: Marié de Kock
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2020 14:02
To: Elzett Keyser | Bakenkop Animal Clinic <>
Subject: Rek 7432 Marié de Kock (Elvis)

Goeiedag Elzett

Soos ek met Suster Jeanie vanmiddag bespreek het, vind asb aangeheg die bewys van betaling vir die pille, Rimadyl, wat vir Elvis voorgeskryf is.

Ek wil baie dankie sê vir haar omgee vir my seuntjie en ook haar great diens, toe sy my oor die foon gehelp het maar ook toe sy my nou laat gaan het om vir julle by die huis te kom eft ipv dat ek ‘n halfuur moes wag om te kan betaal.  Dit is lekker om sulke diens te ontvang!!

Goed gaan met julle en wees veilig.

Baie dankie vir julle almal wat werk in hierdie tyd, ek waardeer dit.


The Extra Mile

From: Dawie Gourrah
Sent: Wednesday, 16 October 2019 10:03
Subject: Re: October 2019 Heart Warmer

Thank you for the article. It brought tears in my eyes. 

Me and my family appreciate everything you do for our furry children.

You guys are amazing.

Thanks for the great service we always receive and thanks for taking extra care of our furry children.

You guys are amazing.



Labby Love

From: Annerien van der Bank
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 13:55
Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer

Hi guys,

From me and my 2 labradorable babies that visit you regularly and who’s lives you have saved more than once…a HUGE heartfelt thank you. You truly are our heroes when we don’t know what to do when our babies are ill and we want them to feel better, when we need reassurance and phone to calm our fears. For being available 24/7 and treating our pets like family. You are definitely appreciated in my home?

Omgee harte

From: Alta Burgers
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 07:45
Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer

Liewe Bakenkop

Dankie vir julle omgee harte, ek weet diere is julle passie, anders sou julle nie gedoen het wat julle doen nie.

Ek waardeer, respekteer, salueer en eer julle vir julle harde, liefdevolle en opofferende werk.

Ek bid seën, genade en lewensvreugde oor julle.©❀

Dedication and care

From: Jestell Lehman
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 09:03
Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer
Importance: High

Dearest Bakenkop admin staff, vet nurses, EVERYONE & most of all the amazing vets,

Thank you so very much for the below message.

So often we forget how human you are & I am saddened to hear about the dark side of your profession☹

Please know that your dedication & care for our pets & their human family don’t go unnoticed, although it is not always articulated.

You are an amazing bunch of people at Bakenkop Animal Clinic!

Let me express our feelings to you now: We LOVE you guys!!!!

Keep up the excellent work!

Blessings in abundance to each & every one of you!

Much love,

The Lehmann family

Going the extra mile

Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer

To all the  amazing vets and staff at Bakenkop,

I truly appreciate everything you do for my two precious Daxies, Nina and Mandy.  My girls mean the world to me and you get that.  I am so thankful that you go the extra mile for us.  Saying thank you seems so lame but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all you do. 

God bless you all.

Theresa, Nina and Mandy Stewart xx

From Russia with Love

From: Calitz Family
Sent: Wednesday, 09 October 2019 08:07
To: Sr Cindy Du Preez | Bakenkop Animal Clinic Inc <>
Subject: Re: Dasha


Dis geen probleem, ons dink jy het n baie mooi artikel geskryf en ons glo ook die kern van die boodskap bly dieselfde. Baie dankie

Ons wil graag baie dankie sê aan jou asook Dr Yolandé en al die ander dokters wat ons nou al gehelp het. Ons het geglo ons gaan julle nie weer gou sien nie, maar na ons 2 kleintjies siek geraak het, het julle ons so mooi gehelp. Dankie vir julle geduld met ons, Dr Yolandé het so vreeslik baie geduld ook gehad met elkeen van ons besoeke, ons het elke keer soveel kommer gehad en vreeslik baie vrae.  Ons waardeer dit opreg. 

Ons is baie dankbaar om te kan sê ons twee siek “puppies” is nou weer hulle ou self. Na gister oggend se besoek het die tweede inspuiting vinnig ingeskop en ons is so dankbaar. 

Hopelik sien ons mekaar nou net weer by ontwurmings en inentings 🙂

Groete Caltiz’e

“Excellent service”

James Weppenaar  recommends Bakenkop Animal Clinic.

October 1 at 6:40 PM · 

When Dog meets vehicle, it is not always a good outcome (for the dog). When our four-legged child Sheila challenged the motor vehicle in that Scottish Terriers determination, she was not as victorious as planned. But thanks to the EXCELLENT service, care and medical attention from the staff at Bakenkop Animal Clinic, Sheila made a perfect recovery and is back ruling the house as old. If it was not for the Doctors and Staff at Bakenkop Clinic, our house would be empty with a with only the distant memory echoes if that little barks the remind us “Hey its cookie time”.

Bakenkop Clinic stands by their slogan “Your pet. Our passion, our Priority!”, and there aren’t enough words to say thank you.

You are Angels, Thank You

Humble servants of Sheila
James and Louisa Weppenaar

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