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Is your dog or cat overweight? FREE weight assessments @ Bakenkop Animal Clinic

Pet obesity is becoming a more common problem seen in general practice. Many pet owners mistakenly think that their pet’s size is normal, even when they are overweight. I would say that about 60% of the patients that we see weigh more than their ideal weight.

When a pet is overweight we strongly advise pet owners to enroll them into a weight-loss program.

For a successful weight-loss program, you need some motivation and perseverance. With our program at Bakenkop Animal Clinic we are able to help pet owners choose the perfect diet for their pets, help with feeding guidelines, give them advice on how to incorporate this diet into their lifestyle and schedule regular weigh-ins to monitor their pet’s progress.

When a pet is enrolled into a program, it keeps the owners motivated and goal focused.

Our Clinic also offers hydrotherapy exercise sessions to speed up weight loss.

For appointments please phone us on 012 653 4474 or email

How to maintain the best oral hygiene in pets

Our pets also need to take care of their teeth, just like we do. A fresh breath and sparkly teeth are not just “nice-to-haves”. Dental disease is more than a dirty mouth and unpleasant smell coming from your pet’s mouth. Dental disease is painful for the animal and can result in tooth root abscesses, loose teeth, bone loss and even infections of the heart valves and kidneys.

Signs that your pet has dental disease

* Bad breath
* Red and swollen gums
* Receding gums
* Yellow or brown crust of tartar on teeth
* Gums that easily bleed
* Loose teeth
* Reluctance to eat/ chew
* Abnormal drooling
* Mouth pawing/ rubbing
* Irritability/ Depression

Prevention is better than cure and that is why good oral hygiene for your pet is very important.
Ideally it is best to brush your pet’s teeth daily but we understand that it is not always possible and some pets will simply not allow it. Luckily there are many other ways to try and keep your pets teeth clean and healthy, for example dental chews, oral rinses and dental diets.




Unfortunately our furry friends won’t lie still in a chair and open their mouths to allow the vet to work. Thus pets need to be put under general anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned. This allows the veterinarian to properly examine each tooth. Periodontal disease occurs below the gum line and can only be evaluated while the animal is under anaesthesia.  Every tooth is carefully evaluated to determine if it needs to be extracted. We will always chose the option to safe a tooth if possible. If in doubt we might recommend a dental X-ray to evaluate tooth roots.

Give your pet another reason to smile this September, book them for a dental scale and polish procedure this month and receive R200 discount. Please bring your pet for a FREE dental cost estimate. The estimation will depend on the severity of the tartar, if teeth need to be extracted and if medication will be needed. Please take note that we cannot give you a cost estimate without seeing your pet’s mouth as each pet’s oral health and dental procedure will be different.

Watch our video below on how to maintain the best oral hygiene in your pet


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