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Dozer Otte

Good morning


Thank you for the heartfelt message


I wish to express my gratitude for the amount of sympathy and concern from all involved at Bakenkop Vet regarding Dozer’s treatment and care following his diagnosis with Stage 3 Lymphoma.


In particular his vet Dr Bernadine who was also assisted by Dr Johan – thank you both for your concern and treatment of his illness. Thank you for giving us 7 wonderful weeks together. Each week brought its ups and downs but we both made sure our time left together was spent with plenty of laughs, photos, walks , naps and cuddles enough to make the most pampered pup jealous.


Dozer’s condition deteriorated seriously from Saturday afternoon until early Tuesday morning when I had to make the hardest decision of my life and say goodbye to my beautiful boy.


Thank you to sister Marietjie and her assistant Lucky for their compassion and help in assisting after hours. You somehow made a difficult and extremely traumatic experience into something that was actually a beautiful release of suffering.


Lastly to all the ladies at reception a big thank you for your friendly assistance, concern and words of encouragement every time we visited for his check-up.


May the practise continue to deliver such a  high standard of veterinary care and to all who work there may you be blessed in abundance.


I am hoping time will heal the void his passing has caused.


Thank you

Francois Otte

Chloei Bredenkamp

Good morning All,


May I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Bakenkop who assisted Chloei when she fell late last week.


When we came in Chloei was taken in immediately by the front desk – no time was wasted with a please wait approach. The reaction was quick and professional as I was able to give details of what happenned on the run so to speak. I give bakenkop 10/10 for the great assistance from the get go!


The assistance received thereafter was also top notch. The Dr who saw chloei was great. Asked the right questions and somehow managed to make us feel that everything will be fine. Thanks!


After admission we were continuously kept up to speed by the Drs re Chloei’s progress. I never got the idea that quess work was being done. When we visited we were very impressed with the “intensive care”, not just Chloei, but all the other patients were receiving. The Dr also took the time to give us an update despite being busy with what we can only imagine to be a plethora of other tasks. Impressive!


It’s been 1 night since Chloei’s release and so far so good. She is eating and growling at her 5 other brothers and sisters, which is normal.


In summary: thank you, thank you Bakenkop.


Bredenkamp Familie


Rolo Beukes

Goeie dag,


Ek wil graag net die tyd vat om dankie te se.


My baba is Sondag laat mddag deur ‘n ander hond aangeval. Ek het gebel om te hoor of julle nog oop is en ‘n dame het onmiddelik ja gese.

Sy het mooi verduidelik oor konsultasie fooie ens en dadelik gese ek kan hom maar inbring.


Ek dink dieselfde dame het my buite by my kar ontmoet die oomblik toe ek daar stop. Sy het aangebied om te help en ek kon net vir haar my beursie en sleutels gee oor ek nie my Rolo wou laat gaan nie.

Binne het sy hom deurgevat na die Dr toe. Beide dames het gevra of ek oke is, vir my water en koeldrank aangebied om die senuwees te kalmeer en kort kort gaan loer en kom se da thy oke is en ek binnekort na hom sal kan deurgaan.


Die Dr het my kom haal, my verduidelik wat fout was. My gerus gestel en hom verder gaan behandel

Na die tyd het sy my die wonde gewys en die behandeling voorentoe verduidelik.


Gister was ek terug vir sy check up gister en my moed wou in my skoen sak toe ek sien hoe vol julle is, maar die selfde twee vriendelike dames het ons weer verwelkom en kort voor lank is Rolo gehelp en ons kon huistoe gaan.


Ek is uit my hart uit opreg dankbaar vir die ongelooflike diens- ek kan sien die mense wat by julle is doen dit vir die liefde daarvan en nie net vir ‘n lewe nie.


Baie baie dankie dat julle so mooi na my baba omsien!


Beukes Familie

Greatful Heart

You guys rock and are, by far, the best clinic and team of people around!!!


The receptionists are always friendly, helpful and often come around the desk and give Lucah big hugs and kisses (especially Milindi – and Lucah absolutely loves all the attention).


The nurses recognise us and also give Lucah big hugs and kisses when they happen to be walking through the reception area.


I have found a place where my precious Lucah’s doctor (Dr Jeanetta) cares about her so much, that I know she is in the best hands every time we visit for a regular check or a new cancer related issue.


I am so pleased there is someone there now to assist with chemotherapy if the time ever comes when we need it.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the caring, compassionate and loving way you treat all us humans as well as our fur babies.


I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you all.


With a grateful heart,


Baie dankie Dr Orsilla (18 October 2018)

Middag baie dankie vir julle ondersteuning met Max ons hond. Ons sal hom verloor het as julle nie daar was. Baie dankie vir julle ontvangs dame wat sondag aand aan diens was en baie dankie aan Dr Orsilla. Max se stert swaai weer, hy pik-pik nog aan kos en een van die dae krap hy weer die huis om baie dankie.


Good Day


I would like to express my gratitude to the vet, staff and personel of Bakenkop Animal Clinic for their outstanding service and support and care, they have shown towards our four paw family member (Milo), including ourselves as a family.


We were accomodated during the worst time of the month, with a critical ill pup.

Needles to say with guidance and support and continuous following up and treatment from the vet, our pup servived.


Emotionally the vet and staff motivated us non stop and guided us every step of the way.

I surely recommend Bakenkop Animal Clinic to anyone.

Thank you for your fantastic service and passion to safe animal lives.



The Crewe Family @ Milo

Thank you (31 October 2018)

Good afternoon,

Could you please forward this on to the staff at Bakenkop Animal Clinic.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone, the staff where all very sympathetic and helpful.

Unfortunately we had to say to good bye to our precious German Shepard Rishka.


But the care she received this week and the understanding we received from the staff was excellent.

A special Thank you to Doctor Jeanine, who was always available for an update, who allowed us as much time as we needed and didn’t hesitate to explain difficult things or answer our questions.


Thank you for your care.


Kind Regards

Ashley and Erick

Dental disease, what you need to know!

EWWW. What’s that smell?

Have you ever been greeted by your furry friend and thought “what’s that disgusting smell?”  Your pets breath may not be sweet or minty but it shouldn’t make you want to flee the room.  Just like in people bad breath (halitosis) is a sign of dental disease.  Take a moment to lift your pet’s lips and take a look at ….


The gums should be pink and shiny and flat against the teeth. Gums that are red and swollen or even bleed when touched indicate a gum infection (gingivitis) and are also the first sign of periodontal disease.  As the condition worsens the gums will recede from the tooth and eventually the teeth will loosen and fall out. This condition is common in cats and dogs AND IT IS PAINFUL!

This is normal cat and dog gums

Cat normal Gums Dog normal gums

Painful gingivitis in cats and dogs

Gingivitis in cats Gingivitis in dogs


The teeth should be white and clean and NOT broken or cracked. Just like people pets accumulate tartar (brown/ yellow buildup on teeth) which is mineralized plaque. This tartar is irritating to the gums and causes gingivitis.  If the tartar is not removed it builds up under the gum line where bacteria grow and cause the teeth to loosen from the bone. The bacteria harboured here can enter the blood stream and cause infections elsewhere in the body.

Tartar build up on canine tooth

Tartar build on Canine tooth


The take home message of dental care is PREVENTION.   Once tartar is present it cannot be removed by any means except a cleaning under general anaesthesia. At Bakenkop animal clinic we have an ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher, as well as a dental X-ray machine to evaluate tooth roots. August is our clinics dental awareness month. Please bring your pet in for a FREE assessment and a quote for your pet’s dental procedure. Our friendly veterinarians will be happy to discuss your oral health concerns.

before and after pictures



Arthritis is a slow progressive condition affecting one or more joints and it is fairly common in older pets especially if they are overweight. Research shows that 90% of cats will have arthritis by the age of 12, and 20% dogs will eventually develop arthritis.

Arthritic changes were visible in both of Roxy’s elbows and her left hip joint. Roxy was in a chronic cycle of pain which made her less active, less interactive and contributed to her weight gain. There is no treatment to reverse arthritis. We follow a strict protocol to slow down the degeneration of the joints and to help the pet live a more comfortable life.

Roxy joined our Pet Slimmer program in March with Sr Cindy. Her diet was changed to the Hill’s Metabolic plus Mobility diet. This diet not only supports her joints but also assists in losing excessive bodyweight responsible for placing additional pressure on her already sensitive joints. Dr Suzie started Roxy on weekly Pentosan injections in addition to the pain medication that Roxy was already on.


Pentosan is known to help with:

* Stopping the ongoing breakdown process of the joint cartilage,

* Clearing the blockages in blood vessels so nutrition can be delivered directly to the joints and

* Stimulating the body’s production of cartilage, joint lubricant and anti-oxidants.

Read more on how Hill’s j/d can improve your pet’s arthritis


Thinking of emigrating?

We at Bakenkop Animal clinic want our patients to stay here with us, but if you are thinking of emigrating here are a few points to keep in mind.

Start earlyPlane-flying-away-1. Depending on the country, there are many hoops to jump through and these take time.

For veterinary health certification all countries require positive identification of the animal with a microchip.  Most countries require vaccination and blood tests. Unfortunately this is only valid after the insertion of a microchip.  For this reason we recommend microchipping as a standard for all puppies.

Every country has its own set of requirements for pets entering their country. It is best to either contact the country directly for import requirements or work through one of the export companies.

There are companies that specialize in export of pets and they help to take the stress out of the whole ordeal. They can organise the state veterinarian aspect as well as the actual flight. We highly recommend that you work through one of these companies from the very start of the process.

  1. Keringa/petwings: petwings@keringa.co.za   011 976 3030
  2. Global paws : travel@globalpaws.co.za  0879970540
  3. Petport : info@petport.co.za 011 965 6397

We as the private veterinarian can help you with microchipping, vaccinations, blood tests and filling in of health certificates.  It remains your responsibility to organise and make sure that tests and vaccinations are done at the correct times based on the countries requirements.

If you need an export consultation, please phone to make an appointment with Dr Anya Kleinhans, or Dr Kate de Klerk Mondays to Fridays.

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