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Pet Star of the Month February 2020 – Levi Strauss

Meet Levi, the 11 year old Labrador retriever and much loved furry member of the Strauss family.

Dr Johan booked him in for a SENIOR WELLNESS PACKAGE at our Clinic. We advise routine yearly check-ups on all pets but even more so for our senior pets as they age quicker. Levi’s age is equivalent to a 70 year old human.

This package includes:

• General examination

• A yearly vaccination

• Deworming

• Tick and flea treatment

• General anaesthesia + Dental scale and polish

• X-rays of the back, hips, knee’s, elbows and chest

• Basic blood screening

• SDMA kidney function test

• Faecal analysis

• Urine analysis

After taking radiographs, we confirmed that he has mild hip dysplasia, which is common in large breed dogs, but because we did a routine SCREENING on him, we discovered this abnormality before it became an untreatable problem. He is on the correct pain medication and diet to support his joints and ensure that he stays pain free.

It warms our hearts to say that this Golden oldie is in such a good condition. His blood tests were normal and his teeth is now clean again. His vaccinations, deworming and parasite control treatments are all up to date and most importantly, the owners know that they are doing their utmost to give Levi the best possible care.

Levi, you are our GOLDEN OLDIE rock star this month! Strauss family, well done on proving why preventative care is vital.

Book your pet for a Senior wellness package at a massive discounted price today. Please phone reception on 012 653 4474 for price queries and bookings

Pet Star of the Month January 2020 – Tayla Herbst

Remember Hope, the rescue kitten who stole the hearts of the whole Bakenkop team and some of our Clients?

In December this kitten was found on the streets. She was terrified and ran away from the community members who tried to pick her up. She ran into a nearby municipal water pump substation which they did not have access too. A community member phoned CERT emergency services for their assistance. They arrived soon after and with the help of a municipal worker, they managed to catch her. She was terrified and she had some very bad wounds on her legs and neck.

The good Samaritans who found her, also clients of ours, rushed her to us for medical attention. On closer inspection and full examination it was found that she had a snare wire stuck around her neck and leg. The wire was removed immediately, she was placed on a drip and received some pain medication, antibiotics and a big bowl of soft food. She ate as if she had not eaten for days.

After spending a night on a drip, Dr Kristina Lutz examined the leg and the wounds around the neck again. Unfortunately the wire had caused too much damage. The blood flow to this limb had completely been cut off by the wire and the leg was infected. There were also large open wounds on both sides of the neck. Despite the severity of her injuries, we knew she deserved a second chance in life.

After careful consideration, it was decided to amputate the leg. Not only because the limb had no more feeling but also to prevent further spread of the infection in the leg.

The operation was done the same day without any complications. The wounds around the neck are also closed with sutures. This little black cat has so much fighting spirit in her! She already stole the hearts of all the Bakenkop personnel. So much so that our stock Manager at the clinic decided to give her a loving home. She was then renamed Tayla, which means strong and beautiful.

After another week in hospital, where she became more like a Bakenkop family member, she went to her new loving home. She got to meet her feline family members too. At first, they were a bit shy of each other but they quickly got used to the “new normal”. They play with each other when no-one else is watching.

Today it is just over a month after the operation and we are happy to report that Tayla has picked up some weight as she still LOVES eating, she has adjusted in her new home and she is coping nicely with only 3 legs.

We would like to give a big shout out to the CERT team for assisting the community by saving this lovely cat from the street and the Uitzingers’ for making a generous donation towards our stray fund, helping us with her medical expenses. We know that she will receive the best love and care from the Herbst family.

Pet Stars of the Month December 2019 – Thaba Tshwane Pets

Follow up on our Christmas project in support of the Thaba Tshwane Outreach project.

(For those of you who do not know about this project, see some background below: )
Jane James has been running the Thaba Tshwane Project for a few years now. She has an awesome team who volunteers their time to go out to these pet’s homes weekly (sometimes more often) . They feed, wash food bowls, take their blankets home to be washed, give them shelter where possible, treat wounds, help with tick and flea treatment, deworming etc…

Jane believes that in order for you to make a difference you have to lead by example. No point in preaching, so they go out and show these families how to properly care for their pets. The only condition to receive Jane’s help, is that they have to sign a consent form allowing the team to take their pets to be sterilized.

Above are examples of their ACTS OF KINDNESS. These ladies can only do what they do with the assistance of the community.

We would like to thank each and every person who donated towards this ongoing project in December. We were not sure if we would be able to gather a 100 meals by the end of the project. To our suprise…

Number of Christmas meals gathered in total  : 232
There were also many other donations such as blankets, deworming tablets, tick and flea treatments, tinned food, pouches, toys, food bowls and also cash donations towards their vet account with us.  

Message from Jane James:
” I can not express my gratitute enough. Thank you to every person who made a donation towards our Thaba dogs. At the end of November we were so nervous, not knowing if we will have food to feed these pets by January. The donations of all the generous people helped us so much. We were blessed with a total of 487 lunch boxes over December and almost half of them came from Bakenkop alone. That is amazing. Thank you! “

Pet Star of the Month- November 2019 “Garbage bag survivor pups”

One morning one of our lovely clients, Mrs Alta du Plessis phoned us in total distress. She had just rescued 5 puppies that she found in a garbage bag in other people’s garden. They were supposedly unwanted and thrown over the wall. Mrs du Plessis saw a message on a community WhatsApp group to which she responded.

When she got these poor puppies were lying in the sun dehydrated, covered in hundreds of ticks and 2 of them barely moved because they were so dehydrated.

All Mrs du Plessis wanted to do is to save these poor puppies and decided hand rear them. She just did not know where to start and what to look out for. She came to our Clinic where she spoke to Sister Cindy for advice. She left our Clinic with some puppy milk, feeding bottles, tick and flea treatment and loads of advice on what to look out for and when to be worried. She also knew that she could phone us at any time.

These pups definitely had the will to survive. Even the weaker puppies latched onto the bottle and consumed milk like little champions. Only after their first feeding and spending some time with them, Mrs du Plessis realised just how many ticks these puppies had on them. She found over 160 small little ticks on them. It is always very difficult to treat puppies with some parasite control as you have to be very careful with the amounts and route of application when it comes to especially such tiny and young patients.

We want to specially thank Trudie Coetzee from the Merial customer Care line for her telephonic assistance to Mrs du Plessis to give her the best advice on how to treat these puppies whilst keeping them as safe as possible.  

On the other very serious note. The SPCA went out to deal with the situation where the pups were found and Mrs du Plessis got full custody of the pups as she could prove that she literally saved them and gave them a safe haven.

Every time Mrs du Plessis and family came to buy more milk, deworming or just came for advice, we could not believe how well these puppies were growing. It was obvious that the du Plessis household had hearts of gold and their eyes sparked when they spoke about these pups, who each had a unique little nickname.  

After 6 weeks of waking up repeatedly during the night having to feed, stimulated urination and defecation in them and planning their whole schedule around these pups’ and their routine it was time to start looking for loving homes. We are very pleased to say that they managed to find all 5 puppies loving homes!

 Although they were very sad to say goodbye, they know they are in good hands and will receive the love and care they deserve. And they will still be able to follow up on these pups. We cannot wait to see what they look like in a few months’ time.

Mrs Alta du Plessis we take our hats off to you and your family. Thank you for responding to that community WhatsApp message and most importantly thank you for becoming a part of the solution in a society full of problems. It takes a special type person to be willing to spend money, time and effort on a problem that was not yours. Rescues and vets are being flooded with pleads for help and already overflowing. Although you did not know exactly what to expect, you went out of your comfort zone, asked for advice and made serious sacrifices.  You managed to save ALL 5 puppies. These 5 pups’ footprints will forever be embedded in our hearts just as they are in yours.

Meet our Bakenkop bachelor / bachelorettes :

Please take note of the date that they will be featuring on our Facebook page, so you can make sure you save your pet’s love letter for the staff pet of their dreams😍😻

Omgee harte

From: Alta Burgers
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 07:45
Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer

Liewe Bakenkop

Dankie vir julle omgee harte, ek weet diere is julle passie, anders sou julle nie gedoen het wat julle doen nie.

Ek waardeer, respekteer, salueer en eer julle vir julle harde, liefdevolle en opofferende werk.

Ek bid seën, genade en lewensvreugde oor julle.©❀

Dedication and care

From: Jestell Lehman
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 09:03
Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer
Importance: High

Dearest Bakenkop admin staff, vet nurses, EVERYONE & most of all the amazing vets,

Thank you so very much for the below message.

So often we forget how human you are & I am saddened to hear about the dark side of your profession☹

Please know that your dedication & care for our pets & their human family don’t go unnoticed, although it is not always articulated.

You are an amazing bunch of people at Bakenkop Animal Clinic!

Let me express our feelings to you now: We LOVE you guys!!!!

Keep up the excellent work!

Blessings in abundance to each & every one of you!

Much love,

The Lehmann family

Going the extra mile

Subject: RE: October 2019 Heart Warmer

To all the  amazing vets and staff at Bakenkop,

I truly appreciate everything you do for my two precious Daxies, Nina and Mandy.  My girls mean the world to me and you get that.  I am so thankful that you go the extra mile for us.  Saying thank you seems so lame but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all you do. 

God bless you all.

Theresa, Nina and Mandy Stewart xx

Pet Star of the month October 2019 – Dasha Calitz

Meet Dasha, a 5 year old Russian terrier and much loved furry family member of the Calitz family.

In June this year, Dasha was on heat. Herman and Sumarie made the decision to have her mated with and allow her to have at least one litter before sterilizing her. They were excited to experience puppy birth and whatever challenges goes hand in hand with it. After all, it is said that motherhood comes naturally. And who does not love puppies?

On the 17th of August, Dasha starting with nesting behaviour. It was obvious that the birthing process was about to happen. Dasha started getting contractions in the morning hours, with Herman and Sumare close by her side the entire time. Dasha struggled for a long time but could not get any puppies out and there was a green discharge visible.

Dasha at our Clinic still in labour

Mr Calitz phoned our Clinic during the early hours of morning to speak to Sister Ann, who was on night duty with Dr Yolande, thus assisting with any emergencies. It was advised that Dasha be brought to the Clinic for an examination and radiographs to see how many pups she still had in utero and if they were in the correct position to be born naturally.

Radiographs confirming 7 puppies

The radiographs confirmed that she still had 10 puppies inside of her. Dr Yolande did a vaginal exam and found one puppy already in the birth canal. The option of a C-section was discussed with the owners but it was decided to give Dasha some more time to try and give birth naturally. Dr Yolande gave an injection to further assist with contractions and sent Dasha home where she will be most comfortable to continue with the birthing process. The Calitz couple then knew exactly what to look out for and when to phone us again. They understood that if Dasha did not manage to get the puppies out soon, it would become an emergency and the puppies will need to be removed by a C-section. We regularly perform C-sections on especially small breed dogs.

Dasha went home with her owners, who still have not slept at all the entire night. In the next 3 hours, 3 puppies were born. At 7am Sunday morning, they brought Dasha back after one of the pups had unfortunately passed away. By this time Dasha had been in labour for hours already and the Calitz family did not want to risk any of the other babies’ lives. Dr Yolande advised that we surgically remove the pups by C-section. The owners also agreed to have her sterilized at the same time.

Dr Yolande placing skin sutures after performing a C-section on Dasha
The puppies shortly after the C-section

Dr Yolande, with the assistance of Dr Johan and Sister Marietjie who monitored the anaesthesia, went into theatre immediately whilst the other puppies were being bottle fed by Sister Cindy. Unfortunately another puppy was found dead in the birth canal.

After the C-section and recovery period, Dasha, her exhausted owners and the rest of the puppies went home with a tin of puppy milk as back-up. Dasha struggled as a new mom in the beginning. It took her some time to know how to lie so that her pups can suckle. She also didn’t seem to know how big she was and accidentally lay on one of her puppies, which also passed away. Another puppy was diagnosed with a serious birth defect and unfortunately had to be put to sleep. Sadly only 6 out of the 10 puppies were left.

One of the puppies being bottle fed by Mr Calitz

With this experience, the Calitz couple shed many tears of sadness but also tears of joy. They can easily now warn other pet owners of the big responsibility that comes with allowing your pets to have a litter. It is also not always as easy or natural as people might think. Sometimes surgical invention and medical treatment is needed. Mrs Calitz also added that she did not realise how emotionally attached you get to these pups, even if they are only a part of the household for a few weeks. If you cannot deal with this heartache, lack of sleep or financially support the medical expenses that go hand in hand with breeding, we advise pet owners to sterilize their pets as soon as they are matured enough. It should also be kept in mind that there are cases where pet owners will be left with the responsibility of feeding and stimulating pups every 2-3 hours.

Dasha with her puppies at the age of 6 weeks

With this being said, we want to thank the Calitz family for their dedication towards Dasha. They stood by her side the entire time, asked for medical advice and intervention when needed and still give the puppies the best start in life. A house filled with love and care.

Dr Yolande and Dr Johan with the puppies at their vaccination visit

A week back, the 6 puppies came for their first vaccinations and deworming. What a heart-warming site it was to see these beautiful pups back at our Clinic. Strong, happy and healthy. Calitz family, we salute you for all that you have been through this past 2 months.

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