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Arthritis is a slow progressive condition affecting one or more joints and it is fairly common in older pets especially if they are overweight. Research shows that 90% of cats will have arthritis by the age of 12, and 20% dogs will eventually develop arthritis.

Arthritic changes were visible in both of Roxy’s elbows and her left hip joint. Roxy was in a chronic cycle of pain which made her less active, less interactive and contributed to her weight gain. There is no treatment to reverse arthritis. We follow a strict protocol to slow down the degeneration of the joints and to help the pet live a more comfortable life.

Roxy joined our Pet Slimmer program in March with Sr Cindy. Her diet was changed to the Hill’s Metabolic plus Mobility diet. This diet not only supports her joints but also assists in losing excessive bodyweight responsible for placing additional pressure on her already sensitive joints. Dr Suzie started Roxy on weekly Pentosan injections in addition to the pain medication that Roxy was already on.


Pentosan is known to help with:

* Stopping the ongoing breakdown process of the joint cartilage,

* Clearing the blockages in blood vessels so nutrition can be delivered directly to the joints and

* Stimulating the body’s production of cartilage, joint lubricant and anti-oxidants.

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