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The health and safety of our patients are of utmost importance to us. We take every step possible to ensure that your pet undergo safe anaesthesia.

Pre-Anaesthetic Lab Tests: Laboratory evaluation can provide useful pre-screening information about the general health status of the patient prior to anaesthesia. We highly recommend that pre-screening bloods are run, to pick up those “nasty” diseases that are not visible with a physical examination and compromise your pet’s anaesthesia safety.Pre-Anaesthetic Consent Forms

Physical Examination: All animals will receive a full physical examination, including weight measurement to determine any risk factors, such as heart murmurs, arrhythmias, abnormal lung sounds, or even any fluid deficits. A comprehensive anaesthetic plan is then developed for each patient to ensure maximum safety for your pet.

Premedication: A premedication, as well as a long acting pain medication is administered. A good premedication relaxes your pet and has an anaesthetic sparing effect during maintenance.

Anaesthesia: When it is your pet’s scheduled time in theatre, our qualified nurse inserts an IV catheter through which an anaesthetic agent is injected. You will notice a small shaved area on your pet’s front leg where the catheter is inserted. In dogs and some of our feline patients an endotracheal tube is placed to ensure a patent airway and to introduce the inhalant agent. Inhalation anaesthesia is the method of choice for maintaining anaesthesia for most procedures.

Anaesthesia Monitoring: Every patient in our hospital undergoing anaesthesia is monitored by a fully qualified vet nurse or veterinarian. We monitor temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure with highly sensitive equipment.

Recovery:  All patients are kept under constant supervision until fully recovered from anaesthesia.

It is important to us to keep our patients as pain free as possible.

Pain Management: One of our highest goals at Bakenkop Animal Clinic is to keep our patients pain free. Every patient is carefully monitored and the necessary pain medication is administered. All surgical patients are also treated with an infrared therapy [photizo] that reduces pain and swelling.

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